Yesterday, Renee Zellweger had her SAG-AFTRA sit-down celebrating her career, and I tossed off a crack about thinking she looked underdressed. And now here comes Billy Crudup doubling down on that and then some. Apparently, as I have since learned, these events ARE more casual in nature than I would have imagined for a heart-to-heart about one’s body of work. But I still maintain it’s not a bad idea to take off a hat that doesn’t quite look properly on in the first place and might obscure your face (Renee) and put on a real, non-Hanes undershirt (Billy), and generally look a little bit more like a professional-but-comfortable TCAs panel and a bit less like everything else was still being laundered. But maybe the only reason I feel that way is that I’m going on three days in a row of actually getting up and being PROPERLY CLOTHED in the morning, and I’ve got two more to go, and all that INCREDIBLE HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT of mine has me feeling cocky.

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