Isn’t this great? It has a slight air of Faye Dunaway At the Beverly Hills Hotel The Morning After She Won Her Oscar, and I’m sure that’s intentional; that photo is iconic. I love how feminine and beautiful and rosy this shot is. This gown (technically, I believe it’s an Oscar de la Renta cape) is not quintessentially “flattering,” but it is gorgeous and over-the-top and glam as hell on her, and she looks amazing in it. The photo shoot itself also is very Glam Caftan-focused (would those be “glamtans”? No, that sounds like a spray tan joint.) and she looks like a total babe.

As you can imagine, the profile itself is lovely; some if it is written as a traditional profile, and the back half of it is a very good and honest conversation with (the also delightful) Danielle Brooks. They talk a lot about motherhood and sex scenes and bodies, and I have to say, as someone who is not a mom, I really appreciate this:

ML:  It’s really kind when people are like, “Well, you had a baby and your body went through something … ” [But] there are a lot of women who haven’t given birth or can’t give birth or don’t want to give birth, and their bodies should also be fine. It shouldn’t just be like, “Well, now, you’re a mother, so your body’s allowed to not be so tiny.” Our bodies should be whatever our bodies naturally are.

It is kind of wild that I feel like I have never seen a celebrity say that in print.