Being Patti LuPone is the best revenge: You’ve probably heard that Ms. Patti, at a free talk-back after a performance of Company, asked a few theatregoers to wear their masks correctly and then yelled at them when they repeatedly refused and even said, “We pay your salary.” This People article captures it well — come for the rage, stay for the sig line on the Company producer’s statement — and chronicles a couple other times Patti has demanded audience decorum. I am totally with her on being REALLY sick of people who don’t think the rules apply to them. Those patrons got bounced, by the way. And Patti? She got a Tony nomination. That’s how it’s done, baby. She does not need you, nor your impudence.

Who didn’t? Nearly the entire cast of Funny Girl, Daniel Craig over at Macbeth, the whole Plaza Suite production (led by SJP and Matthew Broderick), and Laurence Fishburne of American Buffalo. DISCUSS.

I always think it must be harder not to snag the Tony nom than any other. If you don’t get an Oscar nod, okay, fine, because you’ve already moved on anyway; you’re done with the movie and you don’t have to keep showing up on set and doing it every night. And unlike with Broadway, you don’t have to worry that the whole shebang will end early, because it’s over and everyone already got paid. Bless the theatre actors for being able to do it day in, day out, and tune out the noise.

[Photos: Erik Pendzich, Adela Loconte/Shutterstock]