HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN: Be honest. If you squint your eyes a little bit, I kinda look like Dan Stevens now, don’t I? Put me in Eurovision 2! 

MOSES INGRAM: This outfit is objectively kooky and yet…I am working it!

EWAN MCGREGOR: And I am one of the few people alive who can wear this and not look like a doofus. Imagine Eddie Redmayne in these socks. ABSURD. You’d want to beat him up.

HC: I mean it. If we were in a dark bar and I sidled up to you and said that I was Cousin Matthew….you’d think about it, anyway! Wouldn’t you? You would! Anyway, I’m happy to be back. If you do think I’m Dan Stevens, that’s great. I just am really pleased people have stopped making fun of me for these movies finally! FINALLY. Jar Jar Binks was not my fault! No one is mad at Natalie Portman!

MI: I mean, I’m wearing TWO forms of sock and it’s working. I’m winning this.

EMcG: I wonder if Dan over there regrets leaving Downton Abbey when he did.

[Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage]