It’s possible that Fan Bingbing has never looked anything less than marvelous, so the headline is hardly a newsflash. As Jessica wrote at the time we posted this in 2014, everything she wears is perfect for sweeping in and out of rooms — she knows her way around a statement gown — and this Georges Chakra is no exception. It would be hard to turn your eye anywhere else. I enjoy that it evokes the poster behind her, too, with the blue portions echoing the way Mystique changes color, and even the position of her hand being evocative of Wolverine’s. For a variety of reasons, Fan has not been on a red carpet very much in the last few years; we used to see her at Cannes fairly regularly, and I hope by hook or by crook she’ll make it back there again, because she always lit it up. In the meantime, thanks for the memories.

[Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage]