The Maxim Hot 100 Party turned out to be kind of the Maxim Please Come to This Party If We Invite You Party. Seriously. When the most A list star on the guest list at a Maxim party is Michael Bay…well, either someone dropped the ball or THINGS ARE ABOUT TO BLOW UP. I mean, seriously, Maxim. I know LiLo’s under house arrest, but surely a Hilton could have dropped by. And I have a long-documented series of issues with Maxim — primarily that I find the whole tone of their magazine to be disingenuous, all, “here’s an enriching article about whiskey OH MY GOD LOOK AN ACTRESS BEST KNOWN FOR BEING PRIM ON THE WB IS NAKED HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!” and I am firmly of the belief that if you are a magazine with naked people in it, you should be all, “hey, look! NUDITY” and just own it. Let’s all be adults and not pretend we don’t know what we’re here for — so you know if EVEN I, Crabby McGee, am all, “aw, Maxim, you need to hire someone else to run these things!” then the situation is Sadsville. Let’s visit.