Obviously, we Normals mix clothing sources all the time, but it feels unique when a celeb on the red carpet gets a gown from one source — Altuzarra, in this case — and then crowns it with something pulled from another (the feathery Prada coat). Is that sort of like the fashion equivalent of wearing a Steelers jersey with a Rams hat? They aren’t really competitors per se but they aren’t friends and it’s a bit bizarre?

Having said that: I think it’s a good mix. The dress is great on her, but it almost needs that outlandish over-the-shoulder touch for maximum diva attitude (which her face is trying to serve, and mostly succeeding). And it’s such a stark contrast to the look she wore earlier in the weekend:

Variety Actors on Actors Awards 2017, Day 1, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Nov 2017

At the briefest glance, this is deliciously chill… until you realize that her pants are rolled up so unevenly that she might have biked there, and then WHAT are those stains on her jeans? DID she ride a bike and stop to change her tire and oil up her gears? If it’s not that or her removing the carburetor from a Nazi automobile, then I have to cry foul. Because, I mean… CLEAN PANTS. CAN WE JUST.

[Photos: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock, Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock]