I don’t know if I think the cut of this dress is super, but there’s something very charming about Malin showing up to Today in a screamingly loud, bright pattern and some comfy tennies. I am not sure how it’ll look on camera — they often prefer people wear solids — but she’s totally selling this for a casual jaunt around the city. And as such, I understand all of these choices. We’ve ALL been tempted to try a pattern that looks like a throwpillow/placemat/peek-and-stick wallpaper for sale on Spoonflower, and we’ve also all probably said, “Screw it, I will ruin my feet if I wear heels today.” Jessica and I always started out so ambitious at Fashion Week, and by the end it was just sneakers all the time, because we couldn’t live like that; we were not and are not New Yorkers who actually walk places. I get like 1500 steps in a day. My iPhone Health app may believe me to be dead. Tennis shoes are THE WAY. In sum: Yes.

[Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images]