Janelle here is wearing Jenny Packham and it is great. She honestly should be inspirational for other celebrities: She rarely, if ever, deviates from her black-and-white aesthetic, and yet she never looks boring, or repetitive. She’s always recognizably herself, but her personal style is always chic and compelling.  Her personal style is so personal and so recognizable and yet never feels inauthentic, or like a shtick. This is unusual — and she proves it’s not impossible. Friends, look to Monae and be inspired!  Am I VERY excited that she’s going to be making the awards season rounds for Hidden Figures? I truly am. After more than a dozen years of doing this, she is one of the few celebrities whom I am always interested to see on the red carpet, and she rarely disappoints — certainly not here. I LOVE this dress. Awards season, here we come!

Secondarily, I hope it goes without saying that Mahershala Ali looks VERY HANDSOME INDEED. In short: I am here for all of this.

[Photo: Getty Images]