I did not watch Emily in Paris when it first came out, because I knew that I would eventually get sick and need something fluffy and low-stakes to watch and I DID! When Covid finally got me at the end of the summer, Emily was there for me! I was luckily not very sick but I still needed visual candy and Pat Field had my back. I know a lot of people did not enjoy EiP but it was there for me when I needed it and it was just right. So silly, so fluffy, so full of Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu looking great and being mean and having my ideal hair and stomping around in bracelets, and then Ashley Park singing something for low-key no real plot reason, probably while wearing feathers. I also think Lily Collins knows Emily is sort of a dingdong, and it just worked for me! ANYWAY. I just wanted to say that publicly. Emily in Paris, a marshmallow show for my sickbed, which is a very specific televisual need.

In other news, i.e., this look: I dug it when I thought it was vintage, but now that I know that it’s new, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening. There’s so much mesh! It reminds me of the time Tyra Banks made ANTM contestants hang upside down in nets in Bangkok pretending to be sexy fish for a fake Banana Boat ad! And, yes, that is ICONIC. But maybe not in the way you want to wear.

(Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)