So, last night at the Costume Designers’ Guild Awards, Lily Collins was awarded the Lacoste Spotlight Award for — per their Twitter feed — “her talent in costume-focused roles.” First: Every movie role is, if you want to be literal, costume-focused. Except perhaps pornography, and even that probably pays some attention to what gets torn off and/or used as a prop. Second, last year Cate Blanchett won it, if that gives you any extra indication of how random I find Lily winning (“winning”) this to be. Even if you loved Lily in The Last Tycoon or were enchanted with her work in Mirror, Mirror – or even if Mortal Instruments: Whatever Comes After The Colon was your jam — I think Lily Collins’s nascent career is not nearly far enough along, nor rooted in real heavy-duty costume work. It’s almost as nutty as when a celebrity who’s still really pretty young decides it’s time to write a memoir OH WAIT Lily is doing that too. (Is being Phil Collins’ daughter THAT juicy?) (Wait, actually, maybe it is.)

Anyhoo: The frock here is quite delicate and filmy — a very seductive Persian rug of a dress. I appreciate the work that went into it, and that her face can carry such a busy enterprise. But it’s undeniably distracting that the pattern gives new meaning to “nipple flowers.” They’re lower than her natural chest, which only enhances the disconnect — I keep thinking her boobs tripped and fell onto her ribcage. It’s all I can see. I hope she hasn’t written her memoir yet; this might give her a good half-chapter of fodder.

[Photo: Getty]