It feels apt to mention this on a day when Meghan is wearing her Breton-striped shirt. We have some news!


We are super excited about this — though, obviously, it’s a ways off from now — and we will definitely keep you in the loop when there is more to tell! (We’re still writing it.)

But enough about me: Meghan and I wore the EXACT SAME OUTFIT TODAY. Striped top, army jacket (literally, in fact, the exact same one that I own from J.Crew; it’s ancient and they don’t make it anymore because J.Crew is dumb and someone there decided that they need a new army jacket every year, when they would make more money if they just let you buy the same great army jacket EVERY year instead of constantly REINVENTING THE WHEEL, call me J.Crew, I have notes), jeans (she’s wearing these rag & bone maternity ones), boots (hers are these great Stuart Weitzmans, which happen to be on sale), and a ponytail. I feel so close to her right now! However, unlike Meghan, I did not change into a pleated dress to have my spouse try to explain cats to me, nor am I going to get to wear a lovely patterned Carolina Herrera later tonight. Regardless: Let’s look at all these photos I enthusiastically downloaded.

PS: If you missed yesterday’s Moroccan Shenanigans, they are here.

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