I’d like to thank the Sussexes for getting all their Moroccan Shenanigans out of the way today before I had to turn around and cover the Oscars this evening — we will, as ever, have vast and complete coverage of the Academy Awards kicking off bright and early here on Monday morning  — and also, for Meghan realizing that (a) caftans are amazing and (b) if you’re in Morocco, you should wear one. (Do I wish this caftan were more of a color? Yes. But I also wish the guy across the street who is given to walking around shirtless and smoking on his balcony looked more like Chris Hemsworth. There are many things in this world for which I wish that never shall be. Meghan loves a neutral, and this is very glam on her.)

Today’s events involved visiting some girls’ schools in support of girls education (specifically in rural areas) — a cause near and dear to their hearts (and certainly to mine; Meghan is of course herself a product of an all-girls education, as am I) — getting some henna to celebrate her pregnancy, Harry presenting an MBE while he’s there, and a reception. (If you missed our coverage of their arrival yesterday, catch up here.)

Of course we have video and whatnot:

Meghan is still so light on her feet! (She’s wearing her Birdies, if I were them I’d be like “SEE!!”)

This is a lovely tradition:

You know I love logistics:


This event looks glam, and also this video reveals GOLD SHOES THANK YOU AT LAST MY WORK IS DONE:

Pray, join me in this slideshow for more looks. Did I include a LOT of photos merely because I thought they were cute? YES.

[Photos: Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Tim Whitby/PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Yui Mok/PA Images/INSTARimages.com. We use affiliate links when available.]