First of all: The group text among the board members of the Blue Suit Enthusiasts Club is LIGHTING UP RIGHT NOW over Harry’s suit.

Second: This (bespoke) Valentino cape/dress/cape-dress is VERY elegant and good on Meghan. (Red is the color of the Moroccan flag, so it’s also thematically appropriate.) It’s also very Givenchy-y in terms of the capelet detailing at the top, but overall, I firmly endorse her drifting toward Valentino — if only because I personally like Valentino better and it is ultimately all about me. In looking at her, I thought, “this feels very Queen Maxima” — which is OBVIOUSLY a MASSIVE compliment — and I think that’s because of the gloves, as a Smartly Clutched Glove always feels like a Euro Royal thing to me. Meghan, please also look to Maxima as your headwear North Star for your next hat-related event! Also perhaps for any event at which you wonder, “should I wear a massive piece of jewelry?”

Third: I’m very excited for this little trip because Morocco is on my Bucket List.

Fourth: I don’t have a fourth.

Fifth: Oh! This is a good purse. (If you’re in the market for a pricy Valentino bag — and I hope you are! That seems exciting for you! — it also comes in other colors.) (You know what my notes are going to be about the shoes: I think they’re pretty good in concert with that bag/literally always want everyone to wear a snazzier shoe at nearly every event that ever happened in the history of photography. People get mad at me sometimes for not mentioning shoes [or whatever] but the truth is that I can’t give the same note over and over and over and over because it’s boring to type it. Although I guess I just did!!!)

Sixth: Here’s some videos:

I want Moroccan treats:

Let’s look more closely, shall we?

[Photos: Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock]