Happy weekend! Guess what’s on Sunday? THE OSCARS!

Until then:

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Do you need METALLIC SHOES? I rounded some cute ones up.

This is RAD, at The Hollywood Reporter: 107 Years, 2.5 Million Outfits, Countless Characters: Inside Hollywood’s “Magical” Mecca of Costumes. LOGISTICS!

At Lainey: I am always fascinated reading about the so-called Honest Oscar Voters, in part because more often than not they’re terrible people.

I love this, at the New York Times Magazine: Letter of Recommendation: Dollhouses

I just finished reading Bad Blood, the amazing book about Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. This Vanity Fair piece about her recent life is fascinating. She is…a piece of work.

This is a great piece, at Bustle: Why Jasmine Guillory & Nicola Yoon Think It’s So Important To See Black Women In Romance Novels

These old photos of Karl Lagerfeld — who died this week — are pretty neat. [Considerable]

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At Pajiba, this entire story is NUTS: Romance Author Cristiane Serruya Revealed to be Serial Plagiarist

Speaking of crazy things that have recently happened, this whole Jussie Smollett thing is really…a lot. What are you doing, dude? [Washington Post]

This is very good, at Eater: A Critic for All Seasons: What would restaurant criticism look like if it represented diners like me?

At Nerdist: Girl Scout Put Shirtless Jason Momoa on Cookie Boxes and They Sold Like Crazy. VERY good marketing, kids!

Wait! Miranda Lambert got married?!  This story is…complex. [Lainey]