We’ve got much to discuss this week, friends! And, also, prepare yourselves, as Harry and Meghan are off to Morocco tomorrow for a few days (in the middle of Oscars weekend, you guys? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?). We’ll have coverage here of course — I almost typed “as it happens” but it’s going to be more like….around when it happens because I’m an old person who needs her sleep — so pop back over the weekend.

Speaking of Meghan, her stateside baby shower was this week in New York. We covered it to a point, but I couldn’t get a lot of the paparazzi pics, so there will be further coverage in the links.


This is SUCH a good piece at Town & Country: Beyond The Favourite: The Royal Family’s Very Queer History

Harper’s Bazaar has really got the inside scoop on this baby shower — Omid Scobie for sure has someone on the inside; I assume it’s Jessica Mulroney because they’re both GMA correspondents.

Speaking of morning-show-connected shower attendees, Gayle King also gave everyone a taste of the shower on CBS This Morning. All I know is, Meghan must have very high energy levels to jet off for a few fun days in New York, then fly back to London, THEN head off on a state visit to Morocco. I know she flew private to the States, and has people to help her pack and whatnot, but man — I just went across town for dinner last night and I’m wiped out.

Beyonce and Jay-Z accepted a BRIT Award this week in front of a portrait of Meghan; Harper’s Bazaar has a good piece with the artist. (The painting was originally done for the cover of Meghan’s sorority magazine; I love it.)

Beyonce also saluted Meghan on her blog this week.

Lifetime is making a sequel to their Harry and Meghan movie, which will surely be….almost entirely made up? [The Cut]

Over at Hello! we learn that PRINCESS ANNE HAS A RECORD. Et tu, Detective?

I assume Kate and Meghan’s texts are lighting up this week talking about their terrible relatives because it’s just been discovered that James Middleton’s Marshmallow Empire was making NAZI MARSHMALLOWS. Not of their own accord, but to fulfill orders from, uh, Nazi marshmallow lovers. (I cannot believe I just typed that combination of words. 2019!!!!!) (James seems personally somewhat uninvolved with his Marshmallow Empire, but this is, uh, not a good look regardless, to say the least. He IS the boss, and the buck stops with him — and honestly, how hard is it to note that no one is allowed to send out personalized marshmallows with swastikas on them?!!?! For God’s sake. PARTY PIECES WOULD NEVER.) [Celebitchy]

And, on social:

Camz wore my favorite striped dress to Fashion Week:



This is a neat dress:


Princess Leonore is getting so big!


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