Not a ton happened yesterday, and sometimes that means we have to put up a post about a look where we don’t have a ton to say. I am not brimming with words, or WORDS, or even WRODS, for this Helen Mirren photo. Her flippy hair and choker are very ’90s, which is a descriptor I have used to the point of fatigue lately. That head could have been on 90210 disapproving of Tori Spelling’s life choices, or trying to get Kelly out of that cult. And the dress is… fine! Honestly, you could spin the wheel of GFY comments about this and land on: ’90s, brothel madam, lipstick, what’s your moisturizer. But hanging out with Helen Mirren as the work day winds down is never a bad thing, so let’s just imagine that THIS Helen Mirren is about to hop in an Uber and meet us at a bar in 1996 for an early Drinks With Broads, where she will treat us all to a shot of something that is on fire and then we will play Marry, F*ck, Kill with all the celebrities she knows best. I have a great feeling that some of her kills are going to be a surprise.