Granted, it’s the Tribeca Film Festival, not the Met Gala. But this is Sarah Jessica Parker, who dressed as Hamilton at the Met, and the year before wore a giant headdress, and who just recently wore something I can only refer to as a Dolce & Gabbana costume. She, to me, always veers formal at events — it’s the Carrie Bradshaw in her — so I am really so surprised to see her not only in jeans, but in jeans and a backpack, like she is about to hike back uptown and brought provisions. I sort of enjoy it. There is something deeply normal about showing up at an event looking like you just zipped down on the subway and killed some time reading at a nearby coffee shop, because, well, that’s how a lot of us mere mortals do it. I can’t even tell you how many minutes I spent burning time between fashion shows by sitting in a deli or a Starbucks, eating a languid lunch or nursing a particularly delectable and overdue Diet Coke.

Having said that… she was the SUBJECT of this particular event. Per the website, this Tribeca Talks evening was, “Sarah Jessica Parker will discuss her illustrious career across multiple platforms in Broadway, film, television, fashion and the literary world.” I might have at least brought better shoes in my Jansport.

[Photo: Gregory Pace/Rex/Shutterstock]