We didn’t have great shots of Beyonce from the actual Grammys — she didn’t walk the red carpet, and showed up mid-way through the show — but the good news is that NO ONE provides better shots of what Beyonce is wearing on nights such as this than Bey herself, and ergo, we have much to see. (Before we get into discussing the woman in question, I need to note that EVERY TIME I see Jay-Z with his current longer hair, I am surprised. It’s not that he looks bad, because he doesn’t, but inside my head Jay-Z does not look like that. It’s kind of like how I’ll never get used to the Brazilian straightening treatment that Justin Timberlake did. It appears I am resistant to change in celebrity man-hair.)

ANYWAY. This first ensemble was for the Grammys proper, and Beyonce’s stylist gave a really interesting interview to People about how the look is Black Panthers-inspired (the clutch IS a panther, in fact) and continues a visual trend Bey has been focusing on since last year’s Super Bowl. (The Hollywood Reporter also got the details on her lipstick, because I do know that you care. It’s “L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lip Liner in Strike A Matte-ch mixed with YSL Beauty Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in Fuchsia Intime (19) and Carmine Encounter (27),” and it looks great on her.)

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If I had been in charge, I think I would have argued for one leg slit, instead of two, because I think having only one is actually slightly more dramatic, but it turns out that Beyonce doesn’t care what I think she should do with regards to the number of slits on her dress.

This is from the prior night, and I actually really like it. I know you’re surprised that I’d ever vote in favor of something with One Visible Leg, but the construction on this dress is just really cool (and it does follow the classic fashion rule of Legs or Boobs; the modest top of this is so striking in part because it’s really good at framing her face, which looks GREAT).

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This, also from the weekend, is fully great, I think:

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(Someone on Twitter pointed out that it drives them crazy that Bey and Jay have a kajillion dollar New York apartment and they’re always taking photos in the freight elevator and the hallway, and that cracks me up. I am SURE this is because those are the places that have the most neutral background, and they also don’t want us to see inside their home, but I WANT TO SEE INSIDE YOUR HOME BEYONCE. LET ME SEE YOUR PIANO PICTURES.)

This was, I believe, snapped at Conde Nast:

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That dress is Ralph & Russo, and it’s just really good. It’s sort of… “regular” seems like too potentially negative a word, but let’s just note that it’s the only one of these that is not custom, although she did add sleeves. Maybe if you’re Beyonce, that is regular.

Speaking of normality:

EVERYONE needs snacks.

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