This collection of dames without category is not to be taken as a grab-bag of uninteresting looks. AU CONTRAIRE, dear reader: Many of these women looked good and/or fascinating, including Lorde, who none of our usual photo services had for blah blah boring reasons, so I’ll embed her here:

Embed from Getty Images

She looks great in red, and also can we discuss that she’s the ONLY person who was up for Album of the Year who wasn’t asked to perform, and also the only women nominated? HMMMMM. How INTERESTING. I wonder if there’s any correlation? Don’t worry, the head of the Academy just said that “women need to step up” more. Excuse me, there are flames on the side of my face that I need to go extinguish. Before I go, though, you probably want to read the poem that’s on the back of Lorde’s dress.

This, pinned to a red dress? I love it. I hope someone makes a print of my own favorite Jenny Holzer poem and wears it to the Oscars.

[Photos: Andrew H. Walker/REX/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock, Getty Images]