This did not happen at, say, a passive-aggressive breakfast at Downton where everyone is opening their mail and explaining where they’re going to be for the entire episode while Carson tries not to have a facial expression in the background and downstairs Mr. Bates drinks tea and wonders who he’ll murder next. No, this was at “the launch of the new Range Rover at The Royal Opera House,” which is also a very posh British-sounding event. And everyone looks pretty good! I might have given Lady Mary (a) more of a lip and (b) a cute little moto jacket (how many people have I tried to put a moto jacket on this week? The limit does not exist) but Lady Edith looks fantastic. (For giving her the nod here, I assume Lady Mary’s going to place me in the estate’s most haunted bedroom for this weekend’s hunting party and also insure that my bath is always just lukewarm.)

Laura Carmichael’s longtime boyfriend, Michael C. “Not J.” Fox, aka Sweet Footman Andy, also attended and there were loads of pics of him posing with her but….come on. Like I’m going skip the Reunion of the Sisters Grantham. Having said that, he looks great:

Land Rover Reveals New Range Rover At The Royal Opera House In London

Very dashing. Ding dong, Edith. Ding dong.

(Photos by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Jaguar Land Rover)