A Star Is Born meticulously eschews Lady Gaga for Stefani, her original self; thanks to the omnipresent previews and clips, I think we’re going to get used to that, which will make her occasional re-emergences in Gaga persona a little jarring. Especially because at premieres, she’s carefully stage-managed her level of Gaganess — it’s still there, but it’s more glamorous and less random than, say, turning up at this screening and keeping John Lennon sunnies on the whole time. I like the slinky red dress on her, and while I don’t love the boots, I appreciate that they’re not chunky six-inch platforms. But with the wet-look hair and shades, honestly, you could have told me the head was stolen from a photograph of Kim Kardashian during a blond phase and I’d have believed it. Gaga, take off your sunglasses! Bradley Cooper and I both like your face just as it is.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]
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