Kristen wore this to an event celebrating Come Swim, a short film she directed, which is apparently “an impressionist portrait of a heartbroken man under water.” (That’s neither here nor there; I just thought you’d like to know. St. Vincent wrote the score, too, while we’re in Fun Fact territory.) But something about this feels less like “Refinery29 and I are presenting my fantastical directorial debut at an art museum,” and more in the vein of, “I got invited to a VMA after-party and I didn’t feel like going because they are bullshit, but I then I ran out of smokes, and so whatever, I left the house and it seemed like I should say hi.” It is also not the moment I would have expected her to so publicly announce her apparent Raiders fandom, but it’s fantasy draft season, I suppose. Maybe this is a declaration of intent. Derek Carr, you WILL be hers.

[Photo: Getty]