I can’t figure out this garment. It appears to be a jumpsuit/coveralls situation, emblazoned with sketches of what appear to be female camp counselors in fairly tiny shorts. Some of them are carrying gasoline canisters and megaphones, so maybe it’s… arson camp? Honestly, this whole thing feels like if someone turned the beginning to Three Men and a Baby into a young adult comic — you know, the part when Manchild #1 paints their entire elevator lobby into a mural dedicated to them being three grown-ass men who cannot live apart? Yeah. Maybe this is The Mary Diaries.

Also, I love that movie, even WITH the man-children. But for real: Tom Selleck was 42 when he made that movie. Why was Margaret Colin not side-eyeing the hell out of her boyfriend being a super successful architect in his forties, who still his girlfriend come over and shack up in his bro den? It works AFTER the baby shows up, because they’re a team, but beforehand… swipe right, girl.

[Photo: Backgrid]