One of the most interesting details of Kim Cattrall’s shocking one-scene return to being Samantha Jones: that she was dressed by Pat Field, who did Sex and the City but declined to work on the reboot. Now, these two are palling around at the premiere of Field’s documentary, looking like… I don’t even know, like your wacky aunts who keep purse flasks full of margaritas and catcall baseball players during the games. (I’m obviously thinking of, “Johnny DAMONNN. The sweetest ass in the league!” from Fever Pitch.) Pat Field loves Kim Cattrall, and Pat Field ALSO might love everyone on the other side of that fight; people contain multitudes. But in the context of all that, this is quite the show of unity. All I know is, I DEFINITELY want drinks with these broads.

[Photos: Kristina Bumphrey, Erik Pendzich, Adela Loconte, John Nacion/Shutterstock, Vonecia Carswell/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock, Clutch Pockets Wambli/Shutterstock]