Well, what else do you wear on one of the first days of spring but a dress absolutely littered with flowers? This thing is charming as hell, and if I know anything — DEBATABLE — we will see this again before the summer is out. (If you want to see it close up, so you can admire the interesting detailing on the fabric, click here. It’s subtly quilted. I feel that I am personally too old to wear this dress on my body, but I might want to put it on my bed.) There are SO many women who would also look fetching in this. Kiernan looks great; her face-twin Emma Watson would also look good in this. Zendaya would look fab. I’d love to see Rihanna go super girly and give it a whirl. If Keira Knightly ever emerges from her London home again, she could wear this. Naomie Harris would look great in it. Oh my god, Meghan Markle could wear it for an outing with Harry! (Sorry, that one veered into the world of fanfic. But seriously. Come summer time! With a hat! For a picnic! Again, sorry. Lost control a bit there.  Apologies.) Zoe Saldana would look great in it.  Gina Rodriguez! I COULD GO ON.

But, seriously, Rosie Assoulin, make a list.

[Photo: Getty]