Okay, now that I went and wrote that headline, I think her trousers are actually more of a berry color — Joseph (the store, not some dude) calls them “garnet.”  ANYWAY, these are some semi-sassy pants from a woman who has only really recently branched out into the trouser arena, and as a sassy pants lover, I am pleased. First garnet trousers, next an orange silk “jungle cat” print pair, I can only hope. I likewise really like this blazer (it’s from her old buddies at Smythe, and she’s had it for a while; this particular one is, I think, sold out, but Smythe has a LOT of good blazers, and actually J.Crew has a pretty good duplicate although it’s houndstooth rather than glen plaid). This whole look has a kind of Crown Princess Mary meets Queen Letizia vibe to it, and both of those women are good at Stylish Professional Fancy (especially Mary).

More importantly, this seems like a lovely cause:

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