Something about this photo truly makes me chortle. Henry Golding looks SO FESTIVE! Both in his very cheery facial expression, and in his turtleneck/tartan pants combo. He looks like your (VERY HANDSOME) boyfriend who is STOKED to get to come with you to your company’s holiday party this year, and he’s really gonna make that invite worth your while! And Emilia’s dress is not one that I love, but it’s also not one I will remember in either direction (which is okay!) and she looks as delighted as one might be were one bringing Henry Golding to one’s office holiday bash.

I’m also, frankly, impressed by how cheery they look even though the film is getting very bad reviews indeed. (This one in Rolling Stone, for example, is BRUTAL; I am personally sad that Roger Ebert isn’t here to take this one on. I feel like he truly would have dug into it and all of this would have been worth it.) It always seems that it would be tough to keep going on a major press tour when your reviews are bad, but I guess if you’re an actor, at least you have the professional skills to put on a happy face.

[Photo: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock]