Well, first, I love this leather pants look on Kate Winslet. Somehow I completely missed this news that Kate Winslet is in the Avatar sequel. It’s got a little Charlize edge to it, and it suits her, and makes me want her to turn up in The Fast and the Furious or Mission: Impossible or something so that she can kick someone in the teeth. I think she’d have a ball with that. Give her a spinoff franchise so that it’s not entirely Tom Cruise’s show. Mission: Inconceivable.

Somehow, though, I missed the news that Kate is in Avatar 2. (No word about 3 and 4. Is that a spoiler?!?) Sigourney Weaver also looks surprised by this news:

'Avatar: The Way of Water' film photocall, London, UK - 04 Dec 2022

Sigourney, in fact, looked lightly surprised the entire time, which I suspect means fresh Botox. No judgment. Who among us would not want fresh Botox if they had to go out and run the PR gauntlet. Sigourney’s hair looks cute, and Zoe Saldana looks like she asked for a timeless outfit and the folks at Victoria Beckham (including I guess Posh herself) were like, “Great, we’ll give her some sheers, THEY’LL never go away, WE’LL NEVER LET THEM, MWA HA HA,” and then everyone twirled their mustaches even if they didn’t actually have one and egregiously littered before driving away in a high-emissions vehicle.

[Photo: James Veysey/Shutterstock]