I know there aren’t really rules at these things, per se, but it did surprise me that Jodie Turner-Smith — as the host of the British Fashion Awards — didn’t walk the red carpet in something by a British designer. I’m being picky, because a) I do like this, and b) she wore a trio of them during the show: Richard Quinn, Robert Wun, and 16Arlington. But her go-to Gucci, even with the sentimentality of Alessandro Michele leaving, really could’ve been held for another night in favor of, say, Erdem, or a custom Burberry that might boost that house now that Riccardo Tisci has taken his catastrophic nonsense elsewhere, or even wearing a 16Arlington gown on the carpet. Co-designer Federica Cavenati died unexpectedly a year ago, just a couple weeks before this event, so that might’ve been a more poignant public tribute than deploying one inside.

Anyway! Having said all that, she looks super AND Pacey appeared at this event, though they didn’t walk the red carpet together or take a photograph together inside (that we saw). We DID get a walk to the post-party. It’s the first time they’ve been in at the same bash in yonks, again from what we can tell. Gossips, rev your engines.

[Photos: David Fisher, Anthony Harvey, Matt Baron/Shutterstock, Jeff Spicer, Gareth Cattermole/BFC/Getty Images for BFC]