I just love a printed scarf all tucked into a coat like this. (I read in the Telegraph that Beulah London, which makes it, said “the label’s raison d’etre is that ‘each and every product will support and empower vulnerable women,'” and I think this scarf specifically raises money to help victims of sex-trafficking, but I cannot get their site to load right now, presumably because a lot of people are thinking, “I like that scarf AND I’m doing a good thing for the world if I buy it. I’M A HERO WITH A  GOOD SCARF.” I know this from personal experience because my favorite scarf is one that, yes, Pippa Middleton designed with Tabitha Webb to promote the British Heart Foundation a few years ago. It is the perfect travel scarf, because it’s big but very light, yet warm but not too hot. It is great on planes because it packs up tiny but is a great blanket and you look pulled together in it. If anything ever happens to it — like, if I accidentally fling it over my shoulder and into a candle, setting it and potentially me ablaze — I will be distraught.)

Oh, right, she did stuff at this event too:

Her whole speech is on YouTube; she has really improved in the arena of public speaking. Good on them for really committing to working on mental health issues.

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