This dress — by her old favorite, Goat — is very appealing to me right now. She often wears something a little shorter than usual when she’s pregnant (I think the thought process is that she’s a bit shapeless in the mid-section, so might as well bring out some leg) and it’s always cute to me, and god knows, I love a black tight. As regular readers know, I recently moved, and in doing so, I discovered that I own like 25 pairs of black tights. I live in Los Angeles, and yet I feel like it’s been my life’s work to discover the best black tights — a work that will never be done. I assume that Kate and I could have a rollicking convo about this controversial subject. (My guess is that hers are Wolford, which ARE really good tights but expensive; I personally like the classic Hue black tights because they’re very opaque, but if you live somewhere cold, do yourself a favor and get the fleece-lined ones. I am the coldest person in the world both in terms of my emotional behavior and my feet and even in New York in February they keep me warm. ALSO! The Gap used to make these tights that were LITERALLY HEAT-PRODUCING and they were amazing but they only make them in leggings now and I’m concerned they’re not as good as they used to be. Look how much we have to talk about, Kate! BE MY FRIEND.)

Weirdly, this speech was not about tights:

It does, however, look chilly in London today:

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