Zendaya is great at making me question my own stodgy preconceptions.┬áThis is a person with near-unassailable charisma. And yet here, against all odds, it’s been… well, assailed. Zendaya is wearing a corset and what MIGHT be petticoat bellbottoms, which is the kind of pitch I’d at LEAST expect her to hit deep into center field for a double. But I think I will rest easy with my decision that this is a bonkers outfit, and one which needed her usual Midas touch with styling. It’s being done no favors by hair that looks like nobody corrected Ariel on that whole fork thing. In a strange way, this makes me buy into Zendaya as a person even more strongly, because it underscores just how successful her bigger risks in the past have been and how much precision it took to get them right, so… well, there you go; even when she’s losing she wins. How does she DO that.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]
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