YOU GUYS. You KNOW how I feel about (a) patterned evening gowns, and, (b) Erdem in general. I really wish this didn’t have the dust-ruffle detailing on the bottom, but I feel like that’s looking a gift horse in the mouth because — although I suspect this will be very very divisive — I really like this, that bit notwithstanding. Between this gutsy choice, and the bare, sheer back on last night’s Jenny Packham, it seems Strides Are Being Made in terms of fashion adventurousness, and I am definitely here for that.

I also think said Dust Ruffle looks MUCH better in movement than it does in pictures:

Let us discuss!

PS: This 100 Women in Hedge Funds event raised money for one of Kate’s charities, The Art Room, which — if I may quote the DMIK — “uses art therapy to build confidence in vulnerable children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.” 

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