This event involves kinds of things that I find interesting, like SPYING and CODE-BREAKING. Bletchley Park is where the British World War II code-breakers did their thing, including breaking the Enigma Code, which was — to be very simplistic about it — the Big Nazi Code, and the breaking of which was a massive deal in terms of shortening the war. It’s all quite interesting if you’re into that sort of thing (personally, there are very few things I enjoy reading about more than sticking it to the Nazis), and the Bletchley Park website has a short but extremely interesting history of the whole thing. (It really does has everything from spies to fake spies to math.) Anyway, apparently the location has had a huge restoration so that it looks now like it did during the war, and people can go and see and learn and absorb history and all that jazz.  I read today in The Express that Kate’s grandmother actually worked with the codebreakers at Bletchley Park during the war, so her visit seems quite apt, and she got to met people who worked with her granny (who is no longer alive, which much have made it very meaningful). I am sorry she did not attend in full WWII costume — seams in her stockings, red lipstick and whatnot — but we can’t have everything, and this is actually one of my favorites of hers (she wore it once back in 2011.)  It certainly feels a little retro and thematic. Damn you, Alexander McQueen. Why can’t I afford you?

Important note! Remember last week, when we had a lengthy conversation about Books About Romantical Problems During Wars, and it turned into a fabulously long list of books to read? Fug National Kristabelle is awesome, and she made a master list of the recommended books and even created a Go Fug Yourself Book Club on Goodreads! Anyone can join, so pop over there.

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