For Your Consideration season is revving up — long may it go; please, networks, I’m serious, GO ALL OUT HERE, the Internet needs you — and today’s contender is Kate Mara, attending a session for A Teacher out at the Rose Bowl. The dress is… fine? There’s nothing objectively WRONG with it, so it just comes down to whether the lace works for you, and it’s not my particular preference. I think I’d have ditched the ones down by the hem, which make me think of counting sheep for some reason. But my real takeaway is that I hope she is blond for a role, and goes back to her natural color soon. That bleached bob is really harsh on her, and the makeup isn’t helping. It just looks smeary and she looks bleary. Re-entry is hard, though; everyone needs a warm-up event. Maybe throwing meaningless private warm-up events is how I should make my millions. Hang on, let me get my notebook.

[Photo: Shutterstock]