I gather Loki starts today on Disney+, so if petulant man-babies with horns are your jam, you are probably pretty happy. Don’t worry, Fug Nation, I tease — Loki’s brand of bratty evil is very entertaining, and I’m happy to see the Hiddles back making the rounds. And he looks very suave here, even if that IS a very light pink shirt with that brown suit. He’s pulling it off. Maybe that’s because there’s something reassuring about the way Tom Hiddleston carries himself. Very capable. He looks like he’s about to give you a little bit of financial tough love before presenting an investment strategy that really has a chance of getting you out of that hole. He is not going to fail you. Tom Hiddleston will get your 401k in tip-top shape, and I really think he might be a capable Jeopardy! host too, if they’d just call and ask. Why DON’T they call and ask?!? Let the man soothe us with two weeks’ worth of pocket squares, please, universe.

[Photo: Getty]