Eleven years ago, when Zoe wore this, the sheers probably felt like a much bigger smack to the gut than they do now. We are accustomed. We are jaded. We are used to this, for better or worse. But at the time, I pitched that this as a combination of two long-flogged GFY references — figure skating and Pretty In Pink — and it’s true. She does look like she could star in an on-ice review about Andie and Blane becoming a pairs team, until the blade of her skate accidentally beheads him during a complicated move. No one blames her, because let’s face it, nobody liked Blane, but now she’s either forced to go it alone or teach James Spader’s Stef to skate. I’d call it The Cutting Edge, but a) it’s taken, and b) what with the skate murder, it’s a little on the nose. So, Pretty in Rink it is.

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