This engagement happened on Thursday, to mark the UK’s Children’s Hospice Week, but the photos were released over the weekend; Kate visited The Nook, one of her long-time patronages, a children’s hospice in East Anglia. (I learned from What Kate Wore’s coverage of Children’s Hospice Week that those organizations are suffering financially during the pandemic, and this seems like a good a place as any to note that if you have a favorite charity that you give to during the holidays, for example, it might be good to check in with them now; they may need your help more immediately if you are able to give it.)

Kate seems pretty chipper — and whatever I was concerned was happening with her bangs seems to have been just a figment of my imagination — but as I’ve noted previously, it can’t be easy to visit families who you know are dealing with great impending tragedy and put on the cheery face that the event requires. WKW has great coverage of the meat of this event, and I must note that despite what this photo looks like, I do not believe anyone performed a dance routine (although it looked like there was a lot of gardening action):


As we noted in the most recent Royals Round-Up, it really IS espadrille season (Kate’s had these particular ones for a long time). The dress is new, from a brand called Faithfull, and it’s probably for the best for many of us that it’s sold out; I’m barely leaving my bedroom, I do not need a new patterned day dress — but it’s a cute one. I’d also like to offer her my official congratulations for getting to leave the house sans stockings.

KP, as usual, has further coverage via their social media:

[Photos: Joe Giddens / POOL / AFP]