Kate looks mostly very Outdoorsy McReasonable today and rightly so, given that she was cavorting with all manner of wildlife at today’s events, which were not on my calendar for some reason. Kate, please inform me personally when you plan to be leaving the house so I don’t forget to write it down, THANK YEW.

Anyway, here’s your press briefing:

And we have video of Tiny Curtain Openings:

Outfit-wise, we’ve got a very Barbour-y Barbour jacket, her old trusty jeans (do we think Kate owns several of this exact pair? I like a skinny jean myself but I do think Kate could use some new denim), those boots she wears all the time, and this cashmere sweater, which is new to us, I THINK. She traded out the Barbour for a less country coat once she got to Aberdeen — it’s a Reiss number, which I’m pretty sure she’s ALSO worn before. But mostly everyone is looking at the alpaca anyway.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty Images]