This is SIGNIFICANTLY less wacky than the last thing she wore to a pet event, which I had thought might herald her embracing her inner nutball. I mean… that last thing was a crackbanger, which isn’t even a thing, that’s how wackadoo it was to me. But this is not insane. It’s actually even cute, right? Granted, any dog she picks up at this (I believe it was a pro-pitbull event, not to be confused with a pro-Pitbull event, which would be way stickier and smell like rum and Coke) could snag that as soon as breathe on it. But I enjoy how caftan-adjacent this is, which is what that OTHER outfit SHOULD have been. So yeah, the sleeves are billowy and it’s probably more see-through in parts than I realize, and if she’s NOT rolling her shoulders forward then it’s giving her a hunch AND FURTHER if she didn’t have her hands on her hips then those sleeves might be a very awkward length. But I’m going to embrace it anyway, because all that notwithstanding, I am not mad at this and I might even want to try it on and make a pitcher of Pimm’s to drink on the lanai. (SIT DOWN, Pitbull, there’s no rum in that. Go find a yacht somewhere to spin around on with your arms outstretched. That seems like something you’d do.)