I think Rachel Brosnahan is with a new stylist. From what I can tell, she worked with a team called Jill and Jordan for a while, and then switched to Law Roach briefly, and has credited Erin Walsh as well. So either she’s not currently with anyone regularly and this was a whirlwind weekend fling with Alexandra Mandelkorn, or Mandelkorn is her person and they’re just starting out together. This pack of outfits is more interesting than a lot of what Rachel has worn in the past, so if they want to date each other a little longer I’d be game to see how it develops. The above is Altuzarra, it’s edgier than she usually goes, and I like it on her — for a shirt that looks like it could betray her at any moment, it’s good. The only weird thing is that with her thick bangs and long dark hair, I had to double-check that this wasn’t secretly Zooey Deschanel.

This is Missoni (as usual, the link is in case Instagram doesn’t load here for you):

Love the pattern. Are we not tucking in our super long shirts anymore?

Here we have Alberta Ferretti:

The second slide has a full view. She wore this on James Corden, which may explain the cocktail-party vibe. The necklaces are great. As you know, I appreciate a well-chosen accessory.

With this one, she’s leaning into the monochrome officewear aesthetic, via Sergio Hudson:

It’s very dramatic. And there’s a sexiness to it that she doesn’t typically play up, which is a fun change — obviously the two of them had a good time picking out these ensembles, and seeing what felt right. She brought in another Altuzarra, too:

That looks like she made some friendship bracelets and wound them around her chest — but having said that, she also looks super cute in it, and like she’s hosting a party on her boat later. I’m getting Dakota Johnson from it. That would not be a bad person to have on her mood board, honestly.

[Photos: Hollywood To You/Star Max via Getty Images]