Ashley here is on her way to Jimmy Kimmel’s show. I wonder if that speed bump is the Kimmel version of the Letterman Dumpster. (At least it’s more scenic than garbage?) And she looks… as cute as a person in semi-neon diaper can. It’s a curious pick for a night where you’re sitting the whole time; on the set, it has the thrilling aura of pantlessness. I assume Ashley is there to talk about Emily in Paris. From what I recall of season one, she was the best thing about it, and it makes me wonder if Girls5Eva is going to try and do more 90s flashbacks in season two so that she can be on it more. Or maybe her character Mindy can ditch Emily entirely and hit up Italy for a spinoff. I’d watch Mindy in Vineyards any day.

[Photos: Hollywood To You/Star Max via Getty]