This show is such a delight. If you didn’t watch the first season, it is a treat. It’s got good coats and great wallpaper, plus the appropriate amount of respect for dip (the food stuff into which you stick your chips, not tobacco you hold in your gums). Obviously Steve Martin Short (shoutout to the Fug National who came up with that, the best possible portmanteau for them) is wonderful, but Selena is adorably dry and everyone in the building is fun. Sting is involved. The show films on location in actual New York New York, not Toronto-Pretending-It’s-New York, which makes me miss going to New York. It’s just a murder-y treat. HAVE I CONVINCED YOU YET? If not….perhaps Selena’s season two coats (so far) will do the trick? They’re cozy.

PS: Variety did a little featurette on the show’s costumes and set/production design which is really enjoyable, too.

[Photos: James Devaney/GC Images, Robert Kamau/GC Images, Gotham/GC Images]