First of all, when did Julianne Hough go brunette?

Premiere Of Screen Gems'
It’s not bad, exactly, but it puts at least five years on her, if not ten — which may have been the point, seeing as she’s dating Ryan Seacrest, and that would put her a wee closer to his level. But as I often say, you have your whole life to look older; enjoy being twenty-two while you can, Julianne, and if dating a 36-year old feels that weird then maybe there’s a REASON. Like, that when you were born, he was probably saving up to see Big Top Pee-Wee or Caddyshack II in theaters.
As for the dress… much like Hellcats, I’m TRYING, but I’m not quite there with it yet. Maybe it’s because I think that type of bodice looks too formal for a knee-length dress, or that I’ve never been overly fond of gowns whose skirts fold up and yoke to the boobs, or the fact that her belt reminds me of Chewbacca’s sash. I think I’d keep the belt, clip off the arm drapery so that it’s strapless, and snip the bit that ties to the bodice. And then maybe pick similar shoes that are a funkier color, to give it a bit of youth, and cut back on the amount of time we spend with Ashley Tisdale’s caricature of a Southern mother and ramp up the screen presence of evil cheerleader Alice’s machinations, and also, less ridiculous lawyering, because this is a cheerleading show. 
What would you do — or would you leave it exactly as it is?