I like suits on Julia Roberts. I like stripes. Do I like this stripey suit on Julia Roberts? I’m not sure. First, I think the black tights and shoes are too heavy with it, especially as black is itself not present in any of these combinations. Maybe that alone would have helped. Secondly… I am intrigued by the efforts to scoot Julia into the fashion conversation, but I don’t know if she and her stylist Elizabeth Stewart have quite nailed down a vibe that feels organic to her. Remember how Blake Lively styled herself STRAIGHT off the runway for several of her press tours, and it all felt overdone, like it was only meant to be seen that way in that catwalk context? Pieces of this might have felt natural on Julia, but all together like this, I feel like I can see the work. Am I being too harsh? I mean, more than usual? Wait, don’t answer that.

Just kidding, of course you should answer that, LEMME HAVE IT:

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[Photo: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]