That is a handsome man in a very thrilling coat!

The profile was penned by Hunter Harris, whose work I’ve always enjoyed at New York, and whose newsletter is highly entertaining. It’s a long, very well-done piece, and it’s hard to pick out the perfect pull-quote. I’m skipping over some of the very intelligent and thoughtful bits because just really felt the need to share this, because it made me laugh:

([Duke] wants to have selected the best activities for this piece, and he probes me for info about who’s outdone him.“I went to Italy with the cast of Succession,” I offer, “and a cat café with Jason Derulo.” To the latter, he responds, “It was a little weird, huh?”)

There is a lot more introspective discussion in the piece, especially about the late Chadwick Boseman, but I know you’ll see those bits elsewhere, and there was something small and perfect about noting how weird it must have been to interview Jason Derulo in a cat cafe. Just so you know, there are also Wakanda Forever spoilers in this piece — with a warning, but just FYI. It is also actually quite sad in parts; in addition to its sensitive ruminations of grief with regards to Boseman’s death, Winston Duke’s mother died suddenly in the midst of the process of this profile and cover shoot being produced. So it’s a bit heavy — rightly so.

[Photo credit: AB+DM]
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