First, I completely forgot that Kanye West apparently changed his name and is now going by Ye. The reason I forgot this is, I think, that everyone in the world is ignoring it. Even People magazine put “Ye” in quotes in stories about them, throughout which it continued calling him Kanye West. Apparently the only people who remember this are Julia, who has used Ye in her many, many statements about their relationship, and the photographer snapping them around Paris. Ms. Fox has apparently dubbed them “Juliye,” by the way, and I am here to reject that and put my vote in for Yox.

At any rate: Julia talked at length about how she is “surrendering” to him in a way that she finds somehow very freeing, and how after meeting him she packed up all her stuff in boxes and got rid of it. This does not seem healthy? Ye apparently is also to blame for this makeup look, which she wore to the Kenzo show and then kept on for Schiaparelli, to the point where I’d believe it if you told me she just slept in it and then he touched her up. I know Ye believes he can do all things with equal excellence, but this looks like her child drew on her face with a Sharpie while she was sleeping.

They are not the ONLY people in Paris for the shows, of course. While attendance is definitely down, Chanel did get its ambassador Margot Robbie out of the house, and Dior drew a mild crowd. But… I mean, look at Kanye. Do we think this is a reference to Kim showing up at the Met Gala as her own anonymized shadow? But to what end would he be poking at that? I don’t… hmm.

[Photos: Laurent Vu/SIPA/Shutterstock, J M HAEDRICH/SIPA/Shutterstock, David Fisher/Shutterstock, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images For Dior]