There was very little blah-blah from Vogue or WWD about Virginie Viard’s inspiration for this. (It was the ’20s, an era Lagerfeld loved.) Instead, they talked a lot, like a lot, about the artist Xavier Veilhan and his work building the sets. They even blow off the fact that there was a horse. But y’all? There was a horse. It did a lap on the runway. The whole show opened with a horse, which Veilhan of all people (and not Viard?) said was partly to show how “funny” it is that a Chanel jacket could look at home atop a horse. I don’t know why that’s surprising; equestrians all wear blazers, and Chanel knows its way around one. Nothing about “horsy person wears tweed atop their steed” seems like a surprise. Also, that runway? Is sand. Even at a canter, wouldn’t that thing be kicking up all KINDS of gunk into people’s faces? At least 90 percent of them have on masks, but that won’t help when there’s sand in your eye.

[Photos: Imaxtree]