Look…I appreciate that JULIA!! and her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, took a big swing for this look and stepped outside of JR’s usual but I, to be frank, am not wholly sure that it works. It’s kooky, which is not really an adjective I ever associate with Julia Roberts — I think Julia Roberts would like people to think she is kooky, but to me, her public persona has always come across as fairly sharp, in all senses of the word. Which is not inherently a bad thing. (It is likewise so interesting to me that one person can be so magnetic in character, on-screen, but that frankly generational charisma doesn’t really translate to public appearances? Perhaps someone is studying this phenomenon.) This entire thing feels very girlish and twee, and I’m just not sure…any of it gels? It might also be a bit too…big? Ellipsis! (Gucci showed the blazer unbuttoned on the runway and it definitely worked better.)

I will say that I do love these Gucci shoes, in a vacuum:

But I think they might have worked better with trousers, so you just get a hint of the chandelier action and not the whole shebang. (Or even, honestly, with jeans.)

[Photos: Karwai Tang/WireImage, Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]